AARCS adoptable rescue dog in Lethbridge

Expressive AARCS Adoptable Rescue Dog [Envy]

How often do you get a dog that actually smiles and smirks for the camera? Young Envy came prepared for his adoption photoshoot with a whole collection of adorable expressions! This 8 month old boy is already the size of a German Shepherd and his giant paws show he has[…]

Alberta winter puppy rescue

Alberta Winter Puppy Rescue [AARCS Dogs]

Sibling puppies Pandora and Balto met with me for their Alberta winter puppy rescue photos. Our photoshoot at Henderson Lake in the snow gave them some adorable photos for when they get listed on the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) website. They are still going through a bit of[…]

Lethbridge winter dog photos

Winter Dog Portraits [AARCS Dogs]

Abby will be looking for both a new foster and forever home soon through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), and I know she will bring joy to whoever takes her! I photographed her earlier when she was a puppy and she has learned so many new commands since[…]