Taber pet portraits

Taber Senior Dog Photo Session [Bailey]

Mackenzie contacted me to set up a Taber senior dog photo session for her baby Bailey, who has been her sidekick for most of her life. Bailey has enjoyed many amazing years with her human and we wanted to capture photos of her while she’s still energetic and excited about[…]

Popson Park senior dog photo session

Popson Park Senior Dog Photos [Slayer]

Slayer may be a senior dog but he still has a lot of spunk. He has definitely earned his name despite his small size and sweet demeanor; any time a big dog came to say hello at the park, Slayer would be very assertive that he liked his space and[…]

Senior dog in Lethbridge river bottom at sunset

Lethbridge River Bottom Senior Dog Photos [Kucha]

Kucha’s family treated their parents to beautiful senior dog photos of this beloved family dog. Kucha is the ripe old age of 16 and still full of energy and in love with exploring! She had a blast in the Lethbridge river bottom sniffing all the trees and stalking the local[…]