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PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Revlon

Revlon looks like a little old man, but he thinks age is just a number. He spent his photoshoot singing for treats, playing, enjoying catnip, and pushing his siblings out of the way to hog the attention. He has so much personality! About this project: In the summer of 2018[…]

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PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Benjy

Don’t let Benjy’s outward appearance fool you; he’s not angry at all! Benjy lost his ears before being rescued, giving him his stern appearance. In reality he’s a gentle, kind cat who loves to spend his senior years chilling out on the couch. About this project: In the summer of[…]

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PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Ketis

Ketis has the honour of being one of the oldest kitties, if not THE oldest kitty, I have ever photographed! To him age is just a number and he was so excited when any toys were pulled out. He is a failed foster and so in love with his human[…]

Lethbridge senior cat photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Kally

I had a few warnings about Kally before I met her. Her humans expected her to be very standoffish, if she wasn’t just hiding from me. After a minute with her, her dad was amazed how much she liked me! Kally is a gentle old lady (somewhere around 16 years[…]

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Senior Dog Home Photography Session [Koho & Bauer]

Bauer and Koho are very special dogs to their human dad. His family would probably argue that he loves them as much as his biological children! After the family received the heartbreaking news that one of the dogs has a terminal illness, their dad’s daughter-in-law arranged a top secret senior[…]