Popson Park Lethbridge Dog Photography [Xander & Samson]

Xander and Sampson got their very own Puppy Love Pet Photography session as a gift to their dad and they were such sweet doggies to work with! Normally the challenge is getting dogs to stay in one spot and close enough to you, but these boys wanted to cuddle so[…]

Popson Park Cockapoo photos

Popson Park Cockapoo Portraits [Gnarles & Butters]

For Christmas, Butters and Gnarles’s dad surprised their mom with special Popson Park Cockapoo portraits of the pups. This pair is so adorable and have so much fun with each other! I first visited them at home to take a few nice Christmas portraits in front of their Christmas tree,[…]

Popson Park senior dog photo session

Popson Park Senior Dog Photos [Slayer]

Slayer may be a senior dog but he still has a lot of spunk. He has definitely earned his name despite his small size and sweet demeanor; any time a big dog came to say hello at the park, Slayer would be very assertive that he liked his space and[…]