AARCS adoptable rescue dog in Lethbridge

Expressive AARCS Adoptable Rescue Dog [Envy]

How often do you get a dog that actually smiles and smirks for the camera? Young Envy came prepared for his adoption photoshoot with a whole collection of adorable expressions! This 8 month old boy is already the size of a German Shepherd and his giant paws show he has[…]

Lethbridge rescue puppy photos

Early Spring Lethbridge Rescue Puppy Photos [Spade & Fendi]

I love that rescue puppies always seem to come in pairs for me! Spade and Fendi were the newest set from AARCS. Even though they are a little shy, they were totally comfortable in front of the camera! Both puppies are going to turn into gentle giants one day, judging[…]

Snowy puppy photos in Lethbridge

Snowy Puppy Photos in Lethbridge [Raven and Finch from AARCS]

The snowfall didn’t slow down these adoptable puppies in Lethbridge! Brother and sister Finch and Raven had so much fun playing in the snow once they figured out it wouldn’t hurt them (even Finch’s eventual face plant in the snow, as depicted below, didn’t slow him down!). These puppies are[…]

Lethbridge summer puppy photos

Lethbridge Summer Puppy Portraits [Ash & Cherry from AARCS]

I’m so happy any time I get a chance to hang out with puppies! Ash and Cherry got to have their very first Lethbridge summer puppy portraits for their adoption profiles at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). These two have the kindest faces and personalities to match. They[…]