three legged cat portraits

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Star

Star doesn’t let a missing leg stop her! She officially became a tripod kitty before being adopted. Her family fell in love with her sweet face and big eyes, and she doesn’t let her disability get in the way of all the fun cat things she needs to do each[…]

senior cat photography Lethbridge

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Ketis

Ketis has the honour of being one of the oldest kitties, if not THE oldest kitty, I have ever photographed! To him age is just a number and he was so excited when any toys were pulled out. He is a failed foster and so in love with his human[…]

Lethbridge cat focused pet photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Tucker

Tucker is a gorgeous big boy who is very kind and friendly, and very loved by his human dad! He was a little cautious of me at first but once the treats came out to coerce some cooperation, he decided I was a great house guest to have around! About[…]

Lethbridge indoor pet session

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Muffy

Muffy had all kinds of stories to tell me! Any open mouthed photo may look like she’s upset, but she happily talked to me non-stop from the moment I walked in the door. She eventually ran out of stories so I was able to get more relaxed photos of her[…]

Lethbridge cat photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Melky

I think Melky wins for being the most social cat this year! He was hard to photograph because I’d have to run away from him repeatedly to get far enough away for a photo. Luckily this technique often resulted in him rolling on the floor as cute as he could[…]