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cute orange cat photos

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Ziggy

Ziggy is definitely a calendar favourite, making an appearance for his third time in the calendar! As he grows older, he is not losing any of his energy and is still a pro at sitting upright to get a little closer to his toys and treats. About this project: In[…]

AARCS adoptable rescue dog in Lethbridge

Expressive AARCS Adoptable Rescue Dog [Envy]

How often do you get a dog that actually smiles and smirks for the camera? Young Envy came prepared for his adoption photoshoot with a whole collection of adorable expressions! This 8 month old boy is already the size of a German Shepherd and his giant paws show he has[…]

three legged cat portraits

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Star

Star doesn’t let a missing leg stop her! She officially became a tripod kitty before being adopted. Her family fell in love with her sweet face and big eyes, and she doesn’t let her disability get in the way of all the fun cat things she needs to do each[…]

Lethbridge rescue puppy photos

Early Spring Lethbridge Rescue Puppy Photos [Spade & Fendi]

I love that rescue puppies always seem to come in pairs for me! Spade and Fendi were the newest set from AARCS. Even though they are a little shy, they were totally comfortable in front of the camera! Both puppies are going to turn into gentle giants one day, judging[…]

senior cat photography Lethbridge

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Ketis

Ketis has the honour of being one of the oldest kitties, if not THE oldest kitty, I have ever photographed! To him age is just a number and he was so excited when any toys were pulled out. He is a failed foster and so in love with his human[…]