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friendly orange cat photos in Lethbridge

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Teddy

There are two types of cats that are the most challenging to photograph: the scaredy cat who would rather hide under the bed than face my daunting camera, or the overly friendly cat I can’t pry out of my lap. Teddy, nicknamed “The Maniac” by his human mom, was definitely[…]

Lethbridge pet cat photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Simon

Many cats are nervous to have a stranger in their home. If Simon had any issue with me, it was that I interrupted nap time! He was such a laid back kitty and didn’t even mind that we moved him to a more photogenic bed than where he was currently[…]

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PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Kichi

It’s hard to decide who was the friendliest and most outgoing cat this year, but Kichi was definitely in the top three! With large dogs as roommates, this girl knows no fear and is assertive for getting what she wants, whether that be snuggles or goodies. About this project: In[…]

Lethbridge indoor pet photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Muffy

Muffy is another returning calendar star this year! She has been one of my favourite cats to photograph, due to a perfect combination of gorgeous fluffy mane and super friendly personality. She warmly welcomed me back in her home this year and had all new stories to meow to me![…]

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PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Teemo

Each year one kitty is especially shy, and Teemo took that award this year. His human mom was not surprised since he took a long time to come out of his shell even with her, so considering he wasn’t completely terrified of me, he did so great! He even paused[…]