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Fun Lethbridge pet photography of black and white cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Carl!

Beautiful Carl the cat was the lucky Lethbridge PAW Calendar cat of the month for April! Carl had a rough past and still doesn’t trust strangers, but he is so lucky to have a family that really loves him. He was very cautious around me so I had to take[…]

Little wolf like puppy for adoption

Little wolf like puppy for adoption [Squeak]

Squeak (also known as Timber by his foster family), looks just like a little black wolf! His thick fluffy tail and alert pointed ears make him look a little wild, but he was anything but that; he listened so well, loved mellow cuddles, and casually explored his surroundings. Squeak is[…]

Fun Lethbridge pet photography of black cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Henry!

Henry, the cute black kitty, is the Lethbridge PAW Calendar March model! I first met Henry while photographing cats for the Last Chance Cat Ranch and was instantly smitten by him. He was quiet and somewhat reserved but very attentive and friendly. It was such great news hearing he had[…]

Panda the cat in Lethbridge on sofa

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Panda!

Panda had the honor of being the Lethbridge PAW Calendar February kitty! (It was fitting that he is my favorite coloring of cat and was chosen for my birthday month!) You can tell from the photos that Panda is VERY outgoing and full of personality. He was one of the[…]

Adorable Lethbridge rescue puppy eating leaf

Adorable Lethbridge Rescue Puppy [Tinkerbell]

So darn cute! Tinkerbell is an adorable Lethbridge rescue puppy available through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). I had a really hard time photographing her because she was so soft and fuzzy… I had to keep stopping to cuddle her! She was pretty brave being around new people,[…]