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Lethbridge pet photography

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Barnaby

Barnaby definitely knew how to work the humans. If we wanted photos of him, it required a lot of snacks! Once the treats came out, he was happy to dance for us. He could have danced all day if the ham didn’t run out. Barnaby has such neat colouring in[…]

Lethbridge pet photographer

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Carl

This was my second time photographing Carl, and I can’t believe he’s the same cat! The first year he appeared in the calendar, he made it clear I could only photograph him from one room away (because I was a VERY scary dangerous lady). After several photographs, that was enough[…]

Lethbridge pet photographer

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Benjy

Don’t let Benjy’s outward appearance fool you; he’s not angry at all! Benjy lost his ears before being rescued, giving him his stern appearance. In reality he’s a gentle, kind cat who loves to spend his senior years chilling out on the couch. About this project: In the summer of[…]

Lethbridge pet photographer

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Dot

Dot was a little cautious when I first came over, but once her mom whipped out some favorite toys, it was like I was a regular fixture in the house! She is so expressive when she is hunting, and absolutely adorable! I love the beautiful facial divide she has in[…]

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Beau

Beau was ready to pose for his calendar photos and greeted me the moment I came in the door! This friendly cat was quick to start posing and showing off his fluffy tummy. He has such a unique looking face, from his chubby cheeks to his perfectly outlined nose. Beau[…]