Fun Lethbridge PAW Society cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Kiri

Kiri was very shy for her calendar photoshoot, but thanks to her inquisitive nature was curious enough about the camera to still capture a few poses! From the safety of the furniture in her home, she cautiously observed me while her non-PAW kitty siblings eagerly followed me around, hoping it[…]

Lethbridge calendar fun cat photos

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Keetka

Keetka was probably my favorite cat to photograph for this year’s calendar because she was such a great model! She had so many poses that I’m pretty sure she knew what was going on and trying to show me her best angles. She was very inspired by the yummy treats[…]

PAW Society cute cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Josie

Josie is such a sweet kitty! She was one of the more difficult to photograph for the calendar because she kept wanting to cuddle me instead of stay in one place for a pose, and excitedly rolled around exposing her tummy for belly rubs while purring ferociously. About this project: In[…]

Happy puppy in leaves AARCS Lethbridge

AARCS Puppy Sisters [Abby & Alice]

The next set of puppies I got to photograph through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in the fall were Abby and Alice. While they may not look alike, these two cuties were sisters! They may have had different ears and been different colors but it was clear they had[…]

PAW society cute cat photo

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Dexter

Dexter had so much energy and was so friendly! As soon as I came to the door, I was greeted by him and a couple excited dogs and Dexter eagerly followed me around waiting for his photo. When the camera was out, Dexter was the perfect model, constantly looking at[…]