Cute PAW Society cat photo

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Blaize

Blaize lives with a couple other PAW success stories so he had to fight for his spot in the calendar by posing a little more aggressively than his companions ;) He has such interesting markings, my favorites being his blotchy nose and elongated eyeliner-looking eye shape. He had such a[…]

Lethbridge PAW Society Calendar cat photo

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Ziggy

Ziggy was the silliest cat of the year and knew how to perform when his toys and treats were pulled out. Just one treat was enough to get him running, jumping, and singing, making him super easy to photograph. His mom must have a lot of excitement keeping up with[…]

Lethbridge PAW Society Calendar cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Sweetpea

Sweetpea was one of the older cats featured in the calendar and she was such a sweetheart! Her name is definitely fitting :) When I first arrived to photograph her, she was basking in the sunlight while her mom did gardening. Sweetpea is very happy in her little world and[…]

Lethbridge PAW Society curious cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Storm

Storm had very mixed feelings about me during her photoshoot… on one hand she was terrified of a stranger being in her house and we had to corral her in the hallway with closed doors, and on the other hand she wanted attention and lots of pets and happily rolled[…]

Lethbridge PAW Society cute cat

PAW Calendar Cat of the Month, Murphy

Murphy was such a great cat to meet! He looks like a big, tough tomcat when in reality he is a big softy who loves attention and cuddles. It was hard to pry him away from his mom’s lap, as well as my own lap, to get photos of him.[…]