Popson Park Cockapoo Portraits [Gnarles & Butters]

Popson Park Cockapoo Portraits [Gnarles & Butters]

Popson Park Cockapoo portraits

For Christmas, Butters and Gnarles’s dad surprised their mom with special Popson Park Cockapoo portraits of the pups. This pair is so adorable and have so much fun with each other!

I first visited them at home to take a few nice Christmas portraits in front of their Christmas tree, and Gnarles had a chance to model his dashing tuxedo.

Next we were off to Popson Park, one of their favorite places to go play! When they were told it was time to go to the park I thought they’d knock down the door to the house. We went out with their favorite fetch toy and they got to take turns chasing it while saying hello to the other dogs at the off leash park.

Lethbridge Christmas dog portraits

Gnarles looked very handsome in his tuxedo. Butters, meanwhile, just chilled out on the couch.

indoor Lethbridge pet photography

Butters’s ears had the best bounce when she ran!

Popson Park Cockapoo photos

Lethbridge Popson Park Cockapoo portraits

They loved dancing for their toy ring.

Popson Park Cockapoo playing

Lethbridge off leash dog park

off leash dog park Lethbridge Popson Park

So many zoomies! The dogs must have had a great nap after their adventure.

Lethbridge pet photography

Popson Park Cockapoo portraits

Such sweet eyes!

Lethbridge Cockapoo photos

Butters reminds me of Animal from The Muppets here :)

Lethbridge Cockapoo dog photos

Lethbridge adorable dog photography

Whenever she ran through the long grass, Butters would leap like a deer, causing an adorable ear and tail bounce.

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Popson Park Cockapoo portraits