AARCS Puppy Sisters [Abby & Alice]

AARCS Puppy Sisters [Abby & Alice]

Puppies playing in leaves AARCS Lethbridge

The next set of puppies I got to photograph through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in the fall were Abby and Alice. While they may not look alike, these two cuties were sisters! They may have had different ears and been different colors but it was clear they had grown up together (though Alice was definitely the dominant one, as you can see from her always needing to be on top while they play!). Abby was a little more shy but was eventually able to come out of her shell… and then got so crazy we couldn’t keep up with her!

Cute puppy playing in leaves Lethbridge AARCS

This toy was a highly sought after item during the dog photo session!
Cute puppy autumn Lethbridge AARCS

AARCS Lethbridge puppy playing

AARCS cute puppy autumn

Lethbridge puppy in autumn leaves

Happy puppy in leaves AARCS Lethbridge

They were still working on their sharing skills…
AARCS Lethbridge puppies playing autumn

AARCS Lethbridge cute puppy

Puppies wrestling in leaves AARCS Lethbridge