AARCS Successful Puppy Adoption [Zeus & Autumn]

AARCS Successful Puppy Adoption [Zeus & Autumn]

Curious dog Lethbridge AARCS

I usually just get to photograph one Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) puppy at a time, but last autumn I was able to work with two puppies at a time, twice! The first set, Zeus and Autumn, were being fostered in October and came from two different litters but acted like the best of friends. They had so much fun playing together and couldn’t quite work out who was the alpha dog between them.

Zeus was adorable with his attentive, pointy ears and was very color coordinated for the fall leaves.

Dog playing in leaves AARCS Lethbridge

Dog with tongue out Lethbridge AARCS

puppy in leaves in Lethbridge

We had to take a few breaks for the dogs to wrestle each other. Quite a few legs ended up in mouths ;)
Lethbridge AARCS two dogs playing in leaves

Next was Autumn’s turn for photos. She was a little shy but responded great to funny sounds, letting us get a few adorable head tilts. I love her crooked little smile from her black marking!

Curious puppy in Lethbridge AARCS

Cute puppy in Lethbridge autumn

Smiling puppy Lethbridge AARCS

Once photos were finished, the dogs found a stick to battle each other for!
Dogs playing with stick Lethbridge AARCS

Their photos had barely been posted before both puppies were successfully adopted :)