AARCS Adopted Puppies [Bebe &Keller]

AARCS Adopted Puppies [Bebe &Keller]

Cute puppy AARCS Lethbridge walk

Mayte had such a fast turnover with her foster puppies from Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) this past year that I couldn’t even try to keep up with writing about them all! Now that I have a chance there will be a LOT of puppy posts :)

We started out the summer with Bebe and her giant paws. She was so friendly and loved helping walk herself by packing her leash. Even at such a young age, she was already learning tricks!

AARCS Lethbridge puppy

Puppy playing AARCS Lethbridge

A few months later I got to meet Keller. His one floppy ear was by far his cutest feature! He was very inquisitive and loved exploring Henderson Lake during his photoshoot.

Dog running AARCS Lethbridge

He has a heart on his chin!
Puppy howling at park in Lethbridge

cute dog curious at park in AARCS Lethbridge