Windy City Calendar

Windy City Calendar

Hunter and Cst. Kara Hagen

In 2014, The Windy City Canine Rescue teamed up with the Lethbridge Regional Police for their annual Rescue Me calendar, showcasing adorable dogs who are now enjoying their forever homes after being adopted through the agency. For this year, I was able to work alongside Lorelei Hoffarth and photograph a number of these special canines with their police officer friends.

Featured in April is Hunter with Cst. Hagen, who is part of the Honour Guard and brought along her flag. Luckily the Lethbridge wind delivered and made these photos work! Hunter is pretty young but listened great when presented with squeaky toys and treats.

Hunter with Cst. Kara Hagen

Next up in May was puppy Gus with Cst. Smith. Gus loved snuggling so much and was a big fan of Cst. Smith!

Gus and Cst. Mark Smith

In August we had a double team of Knox and Higgins with Cst. Ramotowski and Cst. Davidson. Since these officers work with traffic I wanted to include a road and they were able to get us special access to the service road in Indian Battle Park. It’s normally one of my favorite places to take photos so it was a lot of fun to actually get vehicles there too!

Know and Higgins with Cst. Ramotowski and Cst. Davidson

The dogs did pretty good, but Higgins did have a pretty big “nope” moment at one point ;)

Knox with Cst. Ramotowski and Higgins with Cst. Davidson

Skipping ahead to November, this was my second favorite shoot for this calendar! This was a big production with Sgt. Carscadden and Dobirstein, Cst. Stodolka and Kisinger, and doggies Nikki, Boo, Lady, and Bronco, and on top of that, the police department’s teepee! The dogs had a variety of temperaments (some excited, some nervous) so it was quite a challenge getting them to look at the same time, but once I found the right noise effect, we got it!

Nikki, Boo, Lady, and Bronco with Sgt. Carscadden, Staff Sgt. Dobirstein, Cst. Stodolka, and Cst. Kisinger

Nikki, Boo, Bronco, and Lady with Sgt. Carscadden, Staff Sgt. Dobirstein, Cst. Kisinger, and Cst. Stodolka

My absolute favorite shoot from the calendar was for October with Cst. Darby and Ivo from the K9 Unit, meaning we had two police officers plus our rescue dog Ruby :) Ruby wasn’t too sure of what was going on but we kept her cuddled away from Ivo’s action.

Ruby with Cst. Mike Darby, K9 Unit

Ruby has a bit of lean here… “Get that other dog away from me!”

Ruby and Cst. Mike Darby, K9 Unit

Ivo was so photogenic!

K9 Unit

These photos were definitely a team effort! Normally Cst. Darby gives Ivo his commands, but it’s a little harder to do while holding a Boston Terrier! We had a few people in the background who made this photo a success :)

Ruby and Cst. Mike Darby, K9 Unit