Outdoor Lethbridge Dog Photos [Jagger]

Outdoor Lethbridge Dog Photos [Jagger]

Outdoor Lethbridge dog photos

Jagger was such a pleasure to work with. His owner described him as “joyful” and that word could not be more fitting! He is such a sweet dog and always has such a happy look on his face with his tail high in the air, tightly curled. He’s so easy going about everything and very eager to please.

Jagger had his outdoor Lethbridge dog photos down in Pavan Park on a beautiful afternoon and had so much fun exploring in all the grass and leaves. Normally he’s quite scared of, well, everything, but he soon found his bravery and got to be very curious of nature!

Little happy dog running in Pavan Park Lethbridge

Jagger had a lot of fun running back and forth for treats! He even ran a little farther than he needed to just for fun :)

Cute dog face in Pavan Park


Closeup of dog nose during Lethbridge photos

The picnic table in Pavan smelled VERY interesting. I just had to get a close up of his cute little nose!

Little dog licking his nose, Lethbridge pet photography

A dog photo session isn’t complete without a nose lick! This lick was inspired by yummy chicken treats.

Attentitive dog looking at camera Lethbridge pet photos

“You seriously want me to stand here in this scary grass??”

Joyful dog in Lethbridge

I think this photo so perfectly captures his joyful look!

Happy smiling dog, outdoor Lethbridge dog photos

I love how golden the light turned at the end of our session!

Happy woman with her dog, Lethbridge

We made sure to get a few photos with Jagger’s mom since she loves him so much!