Henderson Lake Puppy Photography [Dancer]

Henderson Lake Puppy Photography [Dancer]

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Now that spring is finally here, it is perfect weather for pet photography in Lethbridge! I joined Mayte for the adorable Dancer’s puppy photos at Henderson Lake, and I’m sure he’ll be adopted in no time. (Dancer is available through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) if you’d like to welcome him into your home, hint hint!) He is soooo cuddly. While I appreciated the cuddles, it was tricky taking his photo when he was shadowing us so much! He definitely loves people and I think he’d be a good fit in almost any home.

One of my favorite things about him is that he is already learning to bark, and it’s such a cute, unintimidating bark ;)

Henderson Lake Puppy photography
Dancer loved playing in the leaves and seeing what was underneath.

Henderson Lake Puppy photography
Dancer has such gentle eyes. Even though he’s going to be big (as evident by the size of his paws), he’s going to be so kind!

AARCS rescue dog photography
I love the new AARCS leashes! It’s such a great way to show off that the dogs are available when people see them out being walked.

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His little whiskers are so cute!

Lethbridge dog photos
Dancer LOVED his dog treats, which were heavily used to keep him in place for photos, and I was lucky to catch this cute nose lick after one of them. He’s a pretty tidy eater and didn’t have to lick his nose too many times!