Adorable Lethbridge Rescue Puppy [Tinkerbell]

Adorable Lethbridge Rescue Puppy [Tinkerbell]

Fun Lethbridge pet photography of puppy sticking out tongue

So darn cute! Tinkerbell is an adorable Lethbridge rescue puppy available through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). I had a really hard time photographing her because she was so soft and fuzzy… I had to keep stopping to cuddle her! She was pretty brave being around new people, but pretty scared of the puddles we encountered. Her foster mom had to go back to fetch her when she put on the brakes in front of a puddle!

We did her adoption photos at Henderson Lake and had such a beautiful day. With most of the snow melted, it still looked like autumn there with all the leaves. Tinkerbell was very interested in them and it was hard to take any photos where she wasn’t eating the crunchy old leaves! Eventually she discovered giant sticks were a lot more fun and quickly forgot about the leaves.

Adorable Lethbridge rescue puppy eating leaf

Yum, crunchy!

Cute dog Lethbridge pet photography

Cute puppy playing in leaves Lethbridge

Her floppy ears are still so tiny!

Lethbridge puppy posing for photo

I think she had a moment of realization that she wasn’t supposed to be eating the leaves…

AARCS rescue puppy pet photography

… but then that moment quickly passed!

Adoptable Lethbridge dog photo of paws

I thought her little toe nails were so cute!

Cute puppy at Henderson Lake

Fun Lethbridge pet photography of puppy licking nose

What a tasty stick!

Cute puppy with person in Lethbridge

Tinkerbell shared a snuggle with her foster mom when we were finished.