Cute Lethbridge Dog Photography [Berkley]

Cute Lethbridge Dog Photography [Berkley]

Cute Lethbridge Dog Photography on red wall

Stephanie wanted to remember the newest addition to her family in his “baby” stage so she booked him for a cute Lethbridge dog photography session this January. Berkley is a curious apricot Labradoodle and is covered in gorgeous blonde locks (with a few adorable white patches I really hope he doesn’t grow out of). He’s only a few months old but already quite the big pup! I was really surprised with how well she already has him trained to listen to commands and stick by her side. He definitely has the skills and attention span of a much older dog already.

However, that did not stop him from being distracted by all the new and exciting smells he discovered on our photo journey!

I chose Lethbridge’s Galt Museum as our first backdrop. I thought the old brickwork and orange-red walls would nicely compliment Berkley’s curls. Plus there is the big black wall that everything looks great contrasted against!

Fun Lethbridge Pet Photography with owner
This took sooooo much convincing to get Berkley into the chair, and once we were finished he didn’t want to leave!

Lethbridge dog at Galt Museum Lethbridge
I’m always a big fan of this wall, but it looked especially great next to this cute Labradoodle. I think the nose licking photo is becoming my signature shot with dogs! I’m surprised how little he actually licked it seeing as how our human noses were sure running in the wind!

After we finished at the Galt, we headed down to Indian Battle Park for more of a nature feel in his pet photos. As pretty as the snow is, I’m glad most of it had melted because the golden coulee colors were such a perfect match to his fur.

Emotional photo of owner holding dog paw Lethbridge
Some big paws to grow into! Stephanie is quite petite so I’m sure she’ll have her hands full once Berkley is fully grown.

Dog sitting by Lethbridge High Level Bridge
Berkley rocked out his model pose by the High Level Bridge.

Girl and dog in Lethbridge photography

Soft timeless dog photo in Indian Battle Park Lethbridge
I love how dreamy this image turned out!

Photo of Labradoodle in Lethbridge
So many curls!

Happy photo of dog with person in Lethbridge Indian Battle Park
I love seeing how happy Stephanie is with her puppy.